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Articles for projects that use the Microchip PIC microcontroller

Atari Joystick USB Adaptor

This project implements a composite USB device supporting two USB 2.0 full-speed gameport HID interfaces. The physical joystick ports are wired in accordance to the ‘Atari standard’ allowing connection of most Commodore 64 and Amiga joysticks as well as older Atari 2600 compatible joysticks. It’s purpose is to allow game play on Linux and Windows […]

RGB Luxeon Star Mood Light

The Luxeon Star RGB Mood Lamp requires a 9V DC power supply with at least 1500mA. The connection to the lamp is a 2.1mm DC jack which should be centre positive. The jack should be inserted into the lamp and the lamp assembled before plugging the power supply into the mains socket. The light can […]

LED Colour Organ

I’ve always been interested in sound-to-light conversion since both playing music and electronics are both hobbies of mine, so I decided it would be great to build a ‘colour organ’ of some sort. Much surfing and googling later revealed that there didn’t seem to be any pre-existing designs available on the web that suited my […]

16×8 LED Matrix Display

The 16×8 LED Matrix clock was a project I built for my office. I wanted to have a clock for my desk which was a little unusual. I decided to build a 16×8 red LED matrix display and then interface this with a PIC18F2550 based circuit including a real-time clock and a temperature sensor. The […]


Simon18F is a project to replace the custom MB4850 processor of the MB Electronics Simon game with a PIC18F2550; initially to emulate the original Simon games and, later, to enhance the existing games and add new ones. For a video of this project including commentary please see the following: Hardware The Simon18F processor board is […]