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60W Acorn BBC Master power supply upgrade

The Acorn BBC Master 128 computer (and variants such as the Turbo and 512) come with a 35W switched mode power supply unit.  For general use the power supply is sufficient, however for applications where more peripherals are required or for machines where the power supply has failed, this project demonstrates how to fit a […]

PCB Repair

This article shows how you can perform repairs on snapped or broken PCBs.  Quite often, whilst repairing old computers or other electronics, I find badly damaged PCBs.  Recently my brother-in-law asked me to take a look at a head-unit from an electronic drumkit.  My nephew had managed to smash the mounting pole up into the […]

Restoring an Acorn A3000 computer

Released in 1989, the Acorn BBC A3000 computer was the last of the BBC branded machines Acorn produced and as a ‘cheaper’ all-in-one unit and was the machine most Acorn loving Brits had for games, programming and a whole host of other applications in the early 1990s. At the time of writing (March 2009) there […]